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Due to the exceptional situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions introduced by the state of alarm, since 16 March the entire team of CARNET and CIT UPC has been working from home, as far as possible. You can contact us by telephone or email.
CARNET, as a future mobility research hub, has a strong commitment to change the urban mobility in our cities and help them to become greener, more livable and safer. During this pandemic, CARNET wants to expand its knowledge and start a thinking task on the impact of Coronavirus in mobility.
We hope that this situation will be resolved soon, and we can get back to normal.
With everyone’s effort, we’ll get through this!
Meanwhile, #StayAtHome #YoMeQuedoEnCasa #JoEmQuedoACasa

Daniel Serra´s warm farewell: 
CARNET wishes him success at EIT Urban Mobility!

Dear partners and CARNET community,
With mixed feelings, we must say farewell to our colleague Daniel Serra. We are sad to see him leaving CARNET, but happy that he is extending his career boundaries.
Daniel Serra’s time at CARNET was fruitful and successful. Through his great involvement and vision over the years, he consolidated CARNET’s position as a benchmark in urban mobility. Read More

A warm welcome to TUSGSAL and AUTOPISTAS

On behalf of its founding and industrial partners, CARNET extends a warm welcome to TUSGSAL and Autopistas as new partners. It was a pleasure to meet with representatives from TUSGSAL and Autopistas to draw up a partnership agreement. 

TUSGSAL is a social economy company whose objective is to offer services to cities and persons, mainly in the "Area Metropolitana de Barcelona". Read More

Autonomous Delivery Device:
Awarded by enerTIC in the Smart Vehicle category

The world is becoming increasingly urban, and the freight transportation plays a pivotal role in ensuring the liveability of urban spaces, due to its fulfillment of citizens needs and its induced economic impact. Delivery traffic is a standing-up burden in urban agglomerations. Conventional transport vehicles, with which goods are transported directly to the customer, are the ones who cause problems ... Read more

"L'oportunitat del MaaS a Catalunya"
The Transport Code

Priority actions have resulted from the fifth session of the "L'oportunitat del MaaS a Catalunya" coordinated by CARNET and Factual. During the first session of 2020, the experts had the opportunity to discuss “The Transport Code” and MaaS Deployment in Finland with Sami Sahala, from Forum Virium, advisor of the City of Helsinki. Finland is a world reference in MasS deployment.

The End of Driving
The Catalan Case

Dr. Laia Pages, executive and scientific manager of CARNET, has participated in The End of Driving, meetup + networking session on the 4th of February 2020 at the Pier 01 in Barcelona, with a presentation called 'The end of driving: The Catalan case'.

Shared Mobility
A round table at TheTech Spirit Barcelona

A round table moderated by Dr. Laia Pagès, in the framework of  "Tech Spirit Barcelona", CARNET, The Connected Mobility HUB, EADA Business School and The EIT Urban Mobility bringing some actions to the entrepreneurial community

The End of Driving
Planning for Autonomous Mobility

The advances of autonomous-driving technologies will generate new transportation use cases, in great measure driven by essential factors such as what is moved, type of vehicle ownership, the travelled path, human factors in driving behaviour , and the storage of vehicles and goods in transit  ... Read more


Autonomous vehicle manufacturers, industrial partners, policy makers and researchers, pointing towards initial deployment of autonomous vehicles as shared autonomous mobility services.

A space to connect with the startup´s Ecosystem

MOVE 2020 is one of the most important mobility events. The event brings together a variety of mobility-professionals and start-ups from around the world. Big challenges such as global mobility will be discussed and aimed to be solved through disruptive technologies and innovations

Innovation HUB south meeting 2020 
At the 
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

A great community with amazing ideas. The first Innovation Hub South meeting of 2020. CARNET, Ajuntament de Barcelona, Ferrovial, UPC, CTAG, AMB, RACC, ALTRAN, Autopistas Abertis, FCG, SEAT, The University of Lisbon and MRIT, working together for the call for proposals Business Plan 2021.

Matchmaking Event 
Connecting with strategic partners for 2021 projects

The EIT Urban Mobility Matchmaking event for the Business Plan 2021 took place on 3–4 March 2020 in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. 

The Knowledge Innovation Community (KIC) in Urban Mobility is a European space for forging networks and collaborations to accelerate innovation. It helps to reduce fragmentation and ... Read more


EIT Urban Mobility invites all EIT Urban Mobility partners as well as non-partner organizations to propose impactful activities that will support EIT Urban Mobility to deliver on its mission and create real benefits to cities, citizens and companies in Europe and beyond.
We look forward to seeing inspiring collaborations unravel. This is an invitation to submit proposals that will help us to continue building an even stronger portfolio of activities in 2021.


More info

We are pleased to introduce to you this Call for Proposals for projects to be implemented in 2020 in the areas of Citizen Engagement and Regional Innovation Scheme (RIS).
This is an invitation to submit proposals that will help us to continue building on our portfolio of activities in 2020.


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